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What Is Notary Public and Their Responsibilities

Notary or public notary is responsible for verifying the authenticity of very crucial transactions. Their approval is the final step in determining home closure, opening retirement account or establishing POA [power of attorney].

What is the task of notary public?

Notary public in London is commissioned by state government to witness document signing and administering oaths. They verify the signatures as well as collect affidavits. The state uses notary public to avert frauds ad theft in public matters. All the notarized documentations performed with embossed seal verifies the presence of the notary personnel at the document signing event, which needs to be stored.

The state offers the appointed notary a personal ID number to prevent the fraud seal use and have a record of every notary’s public activities. The notary public needs to be familiar with current government laws and practices.

What are notarization steps?

  • The signers need to give valid ID with photo to the notary.
  • Notary public makes sure that the signers understand and attest to what they are about to sign.
  • The signs are then witnessed.
  • After signing the documents, Notary places their specific seal on the documents. Now, the documents are legally notarized.

Notary public provides legal services that affect many institutions.

  • Take statutory declarations and affidavits
  • Take deed acknowledgements and other conveyances
  • Offer notice on foreign drafts
  • Take bills of exchange and protesting notes

Notary public refers to the common laws and not civil-law notaries. They are not lawyers, so are forbidden from giving legal advice.

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